Our Story

As a client centric values-based solutions business focused on catering, cleaning, and integrated facilities management, we consistently create value for our stakeholders.

Our skilled and caring people utilise best practise and continuous innovation to ensure a truly client focused experience.

We understand that in this diverse and challenging world, we have to be more than just another service provider…

…we have to be better human beings…with the courage to care and always operate with integrity.

We are on a journey to be our best and do our best.

To do our best for our people by offering them opportunities to grow, practical and achievable training and development, a 100% commitment to their well-being, fair reward, and a shared sense of purpose.

To do our best for our partners, by demonstrating trust, respect, and true collaboration that leads to greater innovation.

To do our best for our clients by visibly living our sincere commitment, working together to solve their problems with innovative solutions, and bringing consistent outstanding, proactive service with a meaningful desire to create impact and value.

To do our best for our communities we operate in by being a productive, innovative company that purposefully drives the nation forward with gainful job creation, learnerships and supplier development.

And to do our best for the planet by adopting sustainable business practices, using environmentally sound products, and being a responsible citizen of the earth.

For us, profitability is an inevitable consequence of consistently doing the right thing for every single one of our stakeholders.

Doing right by our people
Doing right by our partners
Doing right by our clients
Doing right by our communities
Doing right by our planet

Empact Group.
We Care.
Doing right by you.

A history of
care, trust
and service

For more than 30 years we have grown and evolved, constantly learning, and applying new methods and innovative thinking to create a positive impact on the lives that we touch directly and indirectly every day.

Our Company Journey

Our Brands

Our values


To build relationships with
colleagues, departments,
suppliers, regulators, and
clients that enable mutual
beneficial relationships, foster
innovation and ensure
organisational sustainability.


To intentionally create and capture new value by innovating new ways of working. To build a culture of continuous innovation so we can sustainably grow, differentiate ourselves and always be prepared for what’s next.


To have the courage to live our values – the courage to partner, to be ethical, to innovate and to provide exceptional service all the time. Courage is at the heart of how we operate.


To take responsibility, act truthfully and consistently do the right thing.


To continuously deliver exceptional service in an efficient and safe way that creates lasting value both internally with our clients and consumers. To be known for our service excellence.

Doing right
by society:
Level 1 BBBEE

Empact Group (formerly Compass Group Southern Africa) is 100% owned by Thebe Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd (TIC); a pioneering black owned company that uses its business success to transform lives, and make a difference in our communities.

We are rated as a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor with a 135% BBBEE supplier recognition, 89.53% black economic interest and 36.34% black women economic interest.

Our level 1 rating forms part of our strategic Transformation Pledge, as we see transformation as a principal and dynamic business process contributing to our competitive edge – a key part of us doing right for society.

Doing right by our people,
our partners and our planet

The safety and wellness of our people, partners and planet is a value that goes to the very core of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our commitment to safety starts with the creation of an enabling environment, where we empower our employees, consult with our clients and look to our management teams to lead from the front.

Our operating standards and procedures are based on sound science, regulatory compliance and industry best practice. They ensure that we strive for continual improvement, creating a health and safety culture that is ingrained within our organisation.

Our commitment to a safer today and more sustainable tomorrow is supported by a national team of dedicated HSE professionals, who are responsible for: 

The Empact Code of Ethics  – The Empact Way

Developing, maintaining and updating our management systems in line with a changing regulatory framework

Guiding, coaching and supporting our operations teams

Monitoring compliance through a rigorous and independent auditing programme

Establishing measurable performance objectives and regularly reporting to all stakeholders

A leadership
team dedicated
to doing the
right thing

Alan Quinn


As CEO, Alan’s responsibility lies in growing the business holistically, inspiring people to go further together, and to do right by all our stakeholders for the collective greater good.

Professionally qualified, Alan has been with Empact since the acquisition of Supercare Services Group by Compass Group in 2012 where he previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer. He has also gained extensive experience by being a business owner in the technology space.

Leading with heart and care, Alan is driven to contribute to the wellbeing of South African society and is a firm believer in purpose and the value of people in business.

Stephen Rushton


Stephen is responsible for the financial strategy and oversight at Empact Group, driving the creation of long-term value, whilst doing right by all people that Empact touches.

Prior to joining Empact Group, Stephen handled corporate finance and investment management for Thebe Investment Corporation, Empact’s principal shareholder.

In order to drive impact for stakeholders and returns for shareholders, Stephen and his finance team work in partnership with the rest of the business to drive strategic direction, efficiencies and optimisations.

Lara Barlow

HSE Director

As the Health, Safety and Environmental Director since 2014, Lara is responsible for wellbeing across the business – doing right by people, partners, clients and the planet.

Prior to joining Empact Group, Lara was the National Technical Manager for Pick n Pay, responsible for the establishment of the business policy and procedures around food safety, quality assurance and product development.

Lara seeks to make a meaningful impact through collaborative relationships that emphasise the importance of shared values in order to implement sustainable practices, which enable a better future.

Sphiwe Mayinga

Chief People Officer

As head of People at Empact Group, Sphiwe is responsible for creating an environment where people can thrive and make a meaningful impact.

Sphiwe’s vast experience includes working at corporates such as ABSA, Discovery, Nedbank and Tyme Bank, as well as serving as a Non-Executive Director on various boards of public entities and publicly listed companies.

As a qualified attorney, Sphiwe has always understood the need for people to be able to operate within a framework where they know where they stand and what is possible. Her belief is that if we do right by our people, we can collectively do right for our society and planet.

Johan Gerber

Managing Director, Cleaning, Hygiene & Pest Management Solutions

Johan’s responsibility at Empact Group lies in doing right by our people, clients and planet through the delivery of innovative and sustainable cleaning, hygiene and pest management solutions.

Before Joining Supercare, Johan founded and managed E-Doc Group, successfully delivering marketing, training and publishing solutions to the healthcare sector.

His entrepreneurial and collaborative approach is to confidently rally people together to drive shared value.

Kuben Moodley

Managing Director, Food Solutions

As Managing Director, Kubendran is responsible for providing strategic direction across the food business – doing right by clients by partnering with them and continually assuring operational excellence.

During his time with Empact, he held a various commercial positions, the most recent of which was Head of Finance for the Food Division.

Kubendran aspires to make a positive difference by cultivating collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders in the organisation in order to achieve growth and profitability, while still ensuring the utmost care for our people, our clients, and the environment.

Andile Mgudlwa

Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management

Andile’s role is to facilitate a one-stop shop for our clients by integrating all the facilities management services we offer at Empact Group into an innovative solution that adds real value to our clients’ businesses.

A professional engineer, Andile has spent most of his career focused on driving growth for a number of large companies, and prior to joining Empact Group, he spent a few years as a Sales Director for one of the biggest players in the Facilities Management industry.

He is driven to do right by our clients by ensuring outstanding service, innovation, commitment, and total peace of mind.