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Hard Services

Empact Group’s integrated approach to managing hard services is centred around asset management principles that apply multiple maintenance engineering strategies with the aim of reducing the lifecycle costs of the asset. 

Critical assets such as generators, industrial chillers and transformers that are currently under our hard services management come from a diverse customer base operating in a variety of industries from mining to corporate office buildings. Our planned preventative maintenance regime aims to reduce the unplanned and costly equipment downtimes caused by components of system failures. The goal is to improve the reliability and predictability of your assets by routinely monitoring the performance of each asset and ensuring that the necessary maintenance is planned ahead of time in line with the OEM specifications. 

With the use of our technology, we are able to take this a step further by implementing predictive maintenance that is driven by data collected from the equipment on the field. With predictive maintenance we are able to use the data insights to monitor equipment behaviours and proactively attend to any deviations before they start becoming problematic. Our asset management team has extensive experience in providing integrated solutions to a wide range of clients with assets that include complex operations critical equipment that drive the organisation’s operational performance and the less complex maintenance of the building itself together with its associated electrical and HVAC infrastructure. 

The benefit for our client is the reduced costs of failing assets which in turn result in costly downtime to their operations. The environmental impact of these efficiently running assets is significantly less than the wastage caused by unplanned downtime. You are therefore not only maximising the productive life of your asset, but you are also making a positive impact on our planet. 

Business Structure

Our Managing Director (MD) oversees a team of Regional Managers who work alongside a General Manager of Sales. We also have a Technology Manager and a Procurement Manager who feed directly into the MD.

Other Services

facilities management soft services
Soft Services & Business Management

Improving the experience people have in your facilities is becoming one of the key competitive advantages that businesses are turning their attention to. Your clients and employees see your facilities as the extension of your brand. Workplace experience is increasingly becoming the key criteria that employees use to decide their preferred employer. Our soft services include Waste Management, Landscaping, and Security solutions.

Supercare - pest control
Project Management

The world of work has changed significantly from just a few years ago. The generational mix in the office requires businesses to constantly revisit their workplace set up and make sure that it meets the users’ ever-changing expectations. Empact Group’s team of project managers can assist our clients in ensuring that their workplace reflects the organisation’s culture and strategy.

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