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Supercare, a leading division of Empact Group, excels in delivering top-tier cleaning and hygiene services for corporate spaces, healthcare facilities,  mine management offices, and shopping malls.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Supercare understands the unique demands of maintaining high-traffic, high-stakes environments. Our dedicated teams employ advanced cleaning technologies and eco-friendly products to ensure your spaces remain immaculate and presentable.

By choosing Supercare, you benefit from exceptional service quality, customized cleaning solutions, and a strong commitment to service excellence.

Elevate the cleanliness and professionalism of your premises by filling out the form today, and let Supercare enhance your operational efficiency and corporate image.

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About Our Supercare Solution

Supercare by Empact Group offers contract and specialised cleaning for a wide range of commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, transport, and retail environments.

Our professionally trained and caring staff and management team are dedicated to service excellence, as well as health and safety.  

Our safety standards are extremely stringent, making our people and the environment a priority. To uplift and empower our people, and allow them to better service your company, we run training centres nationally that develop skills at all levels. 

Supercare cleaning solutions


There’s only one way to ensure thoroughness in any contract cleaning operation, and that is to be methodical. Supercare’s attention to detail is what makes us unique.

Supercare hygiene solutions


Supercare services group is a business unit offering hygiene services under the Empact Group umbrella. We provide a range of specialised services, including maintenance and regular refilling of products so that hygiene facilities and operations are hassle-free and effective.​

Supercare - pest control

Pest Control

Therefore, we will implement, maintain, and monitor an Integrated Pest Management solution to mitigate any pest risk in a food processing facility. Supercare Pest Management will ensure a pest free environment through regular routine visits to a client facility.

Supercare Sectors

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