About Hygiene

Supercare uses effective hygiene services and products for your premises that protects both your employees and customer’s health. We provide a range of specialised services, including maintenance and regular refilling of products so that hygiene facilities and operations are hassle-free and effective. Examples of these specialised services include but not limited to:

  • Air Freshener Dispensers​
  • Hand Dryers​
  • Ozone Air Purifier​
  • Dust control, Industrial and Floor Mats​
  • Water Coolers​
  • Grease Trap Mats​

Have a question or simply want to enquire about our solutions and services? Contact our interactive Help Desk at supercare.freshdesk.com and we will get back to you with the relevant response.

Business Structure

Under the direction and leadership of our Managing Director (MD) we have capable Sales and Operations teams. Our Sales team is aptly led by the General Manager (GM) of Sales whilst our Operations team is equally led by the Regional General Managers of Operations. 

This means that when you partner with us, your journey will begin with our Sales team led by our Sales GM in conjunction with our Centre of Excellence (CoE). Thereafter, our Regional General Managers of Operations will ensure that the operational requirements of your business are met. 

In our regions, we have Regional Managers (RMs) who have the relevant industry specific knowledge. Below our Regional Managers there are Area Managers (AMs) who are equipped to provide direct line support and manage the day-to-day operational requirements of our clients. 

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Other Services


There’s only one way to ensure thoroughness in any contract cleaning operation, and that is to be methodical. Supercare’s attention to detail is what makes us unique.

Pest Control

Therefore, we will implement, maintain and monitor an Integrated Pest Management solution to mitigate any pest risk in a food processing facility. Supercare Pest Management will ensure a pest free environment through regular routine visits to a client facility.

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