Our Sectors

As a multi-services business we provide fit-for-purpose integrated facilities management services when it comes to catering solutions, cleaning, hygiene and pest control for our diverse network of clients and partners in the healthcare, education, industrial as well as corporate sectors.

All our divisions operate in the following sectors:

hospitality division
At Empact Group, we provide bespoke food catering services that deliver unforgettable dining experiences. We understand the importance of fine dining experiences within the hospitality industry through culturally rich infused menus.
Industrial services
We partner with the Industrial sector to expand business operations that have warehousing, manufacturing, and other industrial capabilities.
retail sector
Our business partners with the Commercial sector that includes large retailers, and stores when it comes to the maintenance of buildings used by commercial businesses to provide workspaces, gathering spaces or retail spaces.
retirement sector
Empact Group offers its full integrated suite of services to retirement homes, nursing homes, and multi-residence housing facilities that cater for the elderly.
healthcare services
We partner with organisations and facilities that provide medical services to patients. This includes essential medical services facilities such as hospitals and clinics.
mining sector
Empact Group provides its supportive solutions to businesses and entities that are engaged with activities involved in locating, excavating, and processing metals, minerals, and other geological resources that are needed in the economy.
education services
Our services also extend into the Education sector where our services assist institutions that specifically provide education at primary and secondary level.
retail sector
Our expertise in the Property and Retail spaces assist in supporting our partners who offer tenant retail buildings as well as the management of commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial properties.

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