Soft Services &
Business Support

Soft Services and Business Support

Improving the experience people have in your facilities is becoming one of the key competitive advantages that businesses are turning their attention to. Your clients and employees see your facilities as the extension of your brand. Workplace experience is increasingly becoming the key criteria that employees use to decide their preferred employer.

Our Business Support and Services solutions aim to give your workplace a competitive advantage by enhancing the experience that people have when they are in your facilities. Our year of experience means that you can trust Empact Group to manage all your non-core operations, leaving you with enough time to focus on driving productivity and growth of your core business. 

Our experience and subject matter experts in fields such as security, waste management and landscaping will guide you through the management of these complex services that come with a range of strict legal requirements that might expose your business to unnecessary risks. These experts will also assist you to keep abreast of latest best practices and develop strategies for these areas that may be non-core to you and your business. 

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Business Structure

Our Managing Director (MD) oversees a team of Regional Managers who work alongside a General Manager of Sales. We also have a Technology Manager and a Procurement Manager who feed directly into the MD.

Other Services

Hard Services

Empact Group’s integrated approach to managing hard services such as Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, and Fire Systems is centred around asset management principles that apply multiple maintenance engineering strategies with the aim of reducing the lifecycle costs of the asset

Project Management

The world of work has changed significantly from just a few years ago. The generational mix in the office requires businesses to constantly revisit their workplace set up and make sure that it meets the users’ ever-changing expectations. Empact Group’s team of project managers can assist our clients in ensuring that their workplace reflects the organisation’s culture and strategy.

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