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Empact Group stands as a leading facilities management company, delivering comprehensive facility management solutions tailored to the unique needs of various industries. Our expertise in facilities management encompasses everything from maintenance and operations to energy management and compliance.

As a trusted provider of facility management services, we ensure the seamless functioning of your facilities, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. By partnering with Empact Group, you gain access to innovative facility management solutions designed to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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About Facilities Management

Facilities by Empact Group provides integrated facilities management solutions. This makes us an end-to-end expert from coordination to operations. We also hold all service providers accountable to their SLAs while negotiating the best costing to provide you with value within mining, commercial/corporate, offshore, and remote sites. 

Our management model offers total integrated facilities management services, which are predominantly self-performed by our staff. From corporate offices to large industrial power plants and campuses, our expertise in Facilities Management is consistently growing and evolving. 

Our approach and expertise provide cost certainty and all the reassurance you need to get on with your core responsibilities, confidently knowing that we will do right by your facility.

Technical Services for Asset Management

Hard Services

Empact Group’s integrated approach to managing hard services such as Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, and Fire Systems is centred around asset management principles that apply multiple maintenance engineering strategies with the aim of reducing the lifecycle costs of the asset. 

facilities management soft services

Soft Services & Business Support

Improving the experience people have in your facilities is becoming one of the key competitive advantages that businesses are turning their attention to. Your clients and employees see your facilities as the extension of your brand. Workplace experience is increasingly becoming the key criteria that employees use to decide their preferred employer. Our soft services include Waste Management, Landscaping, and Security solutions.

Facilities Management

Project Management

The world of work has changed significantly from just a few years ago. The generational mix in the office requires businesses to constantly revisit their workplace set up and make sure that it meets the users’ ever-changing expectations. Empact Group’s team of project managers can assist our clients in ensuring that their workplace reflects the organisation’s culture and strategy. We guide our clients in designing workplaces that meet future workforce demands with an emphasis on experience and productivity. 

Facilities Management Sectors

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