Empact Group leadership team – Sphiwe Mayinga

July 18, 2022

Culture is at the core of this approach and given Empact’s Tagline “We care. Doing right by you” and their credo, “To do our best and be the best for our people,” Sphiwe aims to follow through on that philosophy. Trends in people management have undergone a significant shift since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, according to leading Remuneration, HR, Organisation Development and Change consultancy, 21st Century, “Company culture is the very basis of an effective EVP (Employee Value Proposition).”

Sphiwe shares her thoughts on the ever-evolving EVP, hands-on people management and the importance of good company culture.

Effectiveness with a touch of humanity

“My philosophy for managing people is that I see myself as an enabler to success – for both the organisation and our staff. You can only create efficiency as an organisation when there is synergy between systems and people. And that requires collaboration on a large scale, which is multi-dimensional.

“It is my role to find the perfect synergy between working processes, a healthy environment and our company culture – or striking equilibrium between organisational effectiveness and employee satisfaction.”

Purpose-driven management

“None of us are just here to perform a designated function. As a Chief People Officer, I am here to make a difference; to make a positive impact on the lives in our world. A career is a platform to live out our purposes in life and, hopefully, leave a legacy.

“When we know we have made an impact, we are driven to excel. We need to make every person at every level in the organisation aware of their value and the impact they have. Shared impact inspires drive and the desire to achieve more extraordinary things.

“My failures and my successes in the context of our company aren’t mine only. They impact those around me. I have a personal sense of responsibility and accountability to my world with that in mind. I aim to impart that thinking to every person our business touches by acting as a support structure and an enabler.

“That said, being level-headed is a fundamental attribute to maintain when difficult people management decisions need to be made. We cannot be entirely emotionally driven when our job is to drive effectiveness. Seeing situations from every side is invaluable. Examining the impact on people and the business simultaneously gives you a holistic view of any issue at hand.”

The door is always open

“It falls to People Management to be fair, transparent and fluid – even if an outcome (for example, a disciplinary action) does not appear positive at the time. We must add humanity to processes.

“Following an open-door policy is also paramount to what we do. It fosters broader staff engagement and trust. One-on-one engagement is the only way we can understand some of the most pressing issues on the ground that our staff deal with every day. And understanding is the most important tool to employ in improving our environment and culture.

“For example, I have intentionally embarked on regional visits to our core staff members across the country to gain a practical understanding of our business at a practical – and more personal – level and this is extremely valuable in cultivating an ethos and EVP that fits in with every staff member’s life.”

Breaking down silos

“From a head office point of view, we can often feel separated from day-to-day operations. We need to break that pattern and get closer to our people to understand the business entirely. We cannot simply sit in high towers or silos behind laptops. We need to be seen – and equally see others – in order to make an impact.

“Nothing can exist in a vacuum. Leadership teams should be integrating at every level of their organisations to make life easier for their staff.”

The future of work

“The EVP is the centre of your business’s universe. Self-actualisation is the new incentive that every employee is searching for in their day-to-day lives. Every person needs to feel that they matter and make a difference. If we as employers can provide a platform that allows our employees to achieve the sense of purpose and self-actualisation they crave, we have succeeded in creating a successful EVP.

“When we give our staff members a positive reason to wake up and come to work every morning, we have achieved the ultimate goal – genuinely being a purpose-driven company.

The Empact name echoes its core principles – empathy and impact, working in unison for the greater good. Get in touch to find out more about how Empact can help you.

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