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July 18, 2022

What does Integrated Facilities Management entail?

At Empact, we deliver a variety of professional services to our clients. These include Food Solutions, Cleaning Solutions and Hygiene and Pest Management Solutions. Our Integrated Facilities Management model adds extra convenience and cost certainty for our clients when we bundle all those essential service delivery areas together, leaving them to get on with their core responsibilities, confidently knowing that we will do right by their facilities.

Collaboration is key

Andile Mgudlwa, Managing Director for Integrated Facilities Management, shares insights about our Integrated Solutions philosophy: “Our integrated approach is a highly collaborative effort. To maintain our successful trajectory, we need constant cooperation between different business units at Empact.

“Working together for our customers’ benefit in the current economic climate has shown us that the most important value we can add to the businesses we serve is to offer them solutions that result in better cost control and cost certainty. And a full-service, integrated approach to facilities management is the best way for us to present this value.”

Trust fosters success

A valuable component of Empact’s Integrated Solutions model is Supercare by Empact Group. Supercare delivers specialised cleaning for a wide range of commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, transport and retail environments.

Supercare’s Managing Director, Johan Gerber, comments on why trust is at the centre of every contract for Empact, despite the diverse variation of services under the Integrated Facilities Management umbrella:

“When we do right by others – including our customers and our employees – we earn respect. With respect comes trust, which fosters a desire to continue working with us”

Driven by purpose

Kubendran Moodley, Managing Director of Empact’s Food Division – another critical component in the Integrated Solutions matrix of services – adds, “We are on a fantastic trajectory in launching the new philosophy for our business. Our tag line, ‘We care, doing right by you’, encompasses our overarching drive to be a purpose-driven organisation.

“Being purpose-driven means that we care for our people and our business. Our people are our greatest asset. We remind ourselves of that every day. If we are going to maintain our success as a one-stop-shop facilities solution for our clients, we need to engage and collaborate with everyone in the organisation so that we, the decision-makers in the company, are equipped to make appropriate and informed choices that help us craft the best solutions for our clients.”

Author George Orwell said, “The consequences of every act are included in the act itself,” a sentiment that sums up the Empact approach to Integrated Facilities Management.

Andile explains: “What we do is so multifaceted. Without fail, we need to lead by being visionary, inspiring, solutions-driven and results orientated. We are always mindful that what we do has consequences – for our people, our clients, the environment and everything else our business touches.

“In the Integrated Facilities Management business, people will always be our greatest asset. And if we continue to treat our people well and ensure that they thrive in their roles, they will, in turn, provide the best service to our clients so that the clients’ businesses are also empowered to succeed.

“As leaders, we must create an environment where our employees feel they get the necessary support and are valued by the organisation. The rest will take care of itself.”

As a significant part of a people-centred whole, Integrated Facilities Management continues to deliver functional, appealing workspaces, predominantly entrusted to core staff based on or near the clients’ premises.

The Empact name echoes its core principles – empathy and impact, working in unison for the greater good. Get in touch to find out more about how Empact can help you.

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