Supplier Development

At Empact Group we are passionate about supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs, to build and grow sustainable businesses.

Our award-winning enterprise and supply development training program is just part of the processes we follow, to ensure entrepreneurs get access to the best possible training and advice, with access to market the ultimate goal.  All our SMMEs are allocated a business mentor, with regular one on one engagements to assist them with the day to day, and longer-term strategic challenges, that are part of the development journey.   

We have a continuous pool of SMMEs who offer products, services, and innovative solutions, we feel could provide value to our business divisions and our clients.  Assessments are conducted on all SMMEs wanting to be onboarded into our ESD program, to ensure we bring in entrepreneurs that have passion, knowledge and mirror our values. 

We set development plans, business milestones and look at how we can provide the right training and guidance to graduate the SMME from the Enterprise development phase to an active supplier within 24 months.  As suppliers are graduated into the supplier development phase, we assess how best to sustainably grow the suppliers revenue with Empact Group, according to their ability and financial limitations.  We are very proud to have suppliers across our divisional supply chain who have been with us from their inception, to playing a large part in our day-to-day business.

To be considered for our ESD programme please ensure that your organisation meets the following criteria:

Provide us with the company registration number.

Provide us with a specific overview that details your organisational activities.

We will require you to complete a vendor form. (Available on request on the email provided)

Send us a Tax clearance certificate / Able to issue 18A certificate.

Provide us with a bank confirmation letter.

A BEE certificate / Affidavit
(must be at least 51% Black beneficiaries benefiting from any donation).

Get in touch with us with the relevant documentation at:

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