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July 15, 2022

Empact Group Team

Our philosophy of we care

Our philosophy of we care – doing right by you is the architecture behind our purpose and service lead business. Being purpose lead means we prioritise people, we protect and nurture our planet and we make communities our bottom line, all while we provide client centric solutions that consistently create value for all our stakeholders.

Prioritising people allows us to push the envelope in creating bespoke, value-based solutions in our food, cleaning, and integrated facilities management divisions of our business. Our values of partnership, innovation, courage, service, and integrity are at the heart of how we deliver or service.

This approach allows our clients to focus on their core business functions and enjoy greater efficiencies in their daily business activities.

Empact Group is owned by Thebe Investment Corporation (TIC) a pioneering black owned company. Our business is a level 1 certified BBBEE company with 89.5% black ownership and 36.3% black female ownership, a truly South African empowered business.

Alan Quinn – CEO

Alan carries his personal drive – to contribute to the wellbeing of South African communities – through to his leadership duties. He is a firm believer in purpose, believing that everyone has a unique and equally important role to play within Empact and society, exemplified through his own practical leadership-style that embraces diversity, transparency, and a sense of belonging. For Alan, being part of Empact is not about fitting in, it’s about belonging.

“Our objective is to be the trusted advisor to our partners. Everything we do is characterised by relevance and value. Our services must be bespoke enough for each one of our clients based on their respective industry and location. Our business is committed to being a partner that meets our clients’ objectives. It is our mission to provide client-centric solutions that consistently create value through the application of best practise.”

“We achieve this through our value proposition of securing the right people, who consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Our partnerships with our clients are also based on seeking constructive feedback on a continual basis which allows us to continuously improve. It is for this reason that our more than 25 000 employees who are deployed across 4000 sites are ready to consistently deliver the bespoke services that are tailored to our clients’ unique industries.”

“We commit to a notion that our outsourcing relationships with our clients and partners are an extension of our brand. Therefore, it is paramount to us that our people, service and delivery remains aligned to clients’ values and ethos.”

“We are also cognisant that our people, have families to support and livelihoods to maintain, and that they live within greater communities with other people who also have their own needs. What we do for our employees has an impact on their communities and the environment. We can never forget that we are an integral part of a chain. We always try to be mindful of the impact we have, even in the smallest way.”

“It is our duty to have a positive impact on the lives of all the people we touch, and that is encompassed in our brand message: ‘We care – Doing right by you.”

The rest of the leadership team agree, that with impact, empathy must be built in, in the sincere interest of creating a sustainable, purpose-led organisation.

“When we do right by others – including our customers and our employees – we earn respect. With respect comes trust, which fosters a desire to continue working with us”

Stephen Rushton – CFO

As the gatekeeper for financial strategy and oversight at Empact Group, life is about far more than numbers for Stephen. He is responsible for driving long-term value for clients and all other stakeholders, with unique focus on doing right by all people that Empact touches.

Key to Stephen’s approach is partnership at every level of the business, both internal and external, so that strategic direction, efficiencies, and optimisations work in synergy with sustainability, care, and responsibility.

Lara Barlow – HSE Director

Lara has served as the proud custodian of Empact’s Health, Safety and Environmental department since 2014. She is responsible for wellbeing across the business – doing right by people, partners, clients, and the planet.

Lara is driven by the idea that safety is a human right. She maintains that it is the organisation’s responsibility to nurture trust in the fact that this right will always be respected when it comes to safety in the workplace.

Lara hopes to make a meaningful impact by fostering safe, sustainable practices, which enable a better future for every person affected by the Empact Group.

Sphiwe Mayinga – Chief People Officer

As Head of People at Empact Group, Sphiwe is responsible for protecting the company’s greatest assets – the individuals at the centre of the Empact universe. Sphiwe believes that you can only make a meaningful impact on the world your business serves by cultivating an environment that is empathetic, collaborative, respectful and responsible.

With those values at the company’s operational core, people are empowered to thrive and grow to their greatest possible potential.

Johan Gerber – Managing Director, Cleaning, Hygiene & Pest Management Solutions

Johan’s entrepreneurial and collaborative approach is geared at confidently rallying people within and without the organisation to drive shared value.

He believes that responsibility comes first – in doing right by Empact’s people, clients and the planet through the delivery of innovative and sustainable cleaning, hygiene and pest management solutions.

Kubendran Moodley – Managing Director, Food Solutions

Kubendran is driven to make a positive difference at work, and in the world, by cultivating collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders in the organisation. He believes that growth and profitability are synonymous with ensuring the utmost care for people, clients, and the environment.

Kubendran’s leadership provides strategic direction across the food business, continually assuring operational excellence.

Andile Mgudlwa – Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management

Andile is a professional engineer focused on creating a one-stop-shop for Empact’s clients by integrating all the facilities management services offered into a singular innovative solution that adds real value for everyone involved.

His diverse management experience and technical expertise are always tempered by empathy, which is evident in the Empact Group’s ethos.

Doing the right thing

The Empact group’s dynamic leadership team is the living embodiment of the company’s sincere commitment to solving problems with empathy and innovation. As leaders, every team member aims to do their best for the communities in which the company operates, by purposefully driving the nation forward through gainful job creation, learnerships, people development and responsibly delivered products and services.

The Empact name echoes its core principles – empathy and impact, working in unison for the greater good. Get in touch to find out more about how Empact can help you.

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