Integrity, respect, fairness and marketing – all in a days work

August 24, 2022

Sanele Mlambo, Empact Group’s Head of Marketing, has spent 22 years in the advertising and marketing trenches. She has risen through the ranks, earning her stripes in diverse industries, including retail, financial services and gaming. In 2021, Sanele brought her wealth of communication and marketing experience to the Empact group, where she puts her passion for customer service to use every day, doing right by her team and the Group’s customers. Sanele shares some of her wisdom in an exclusive Q&A.

Can you briefly summarise your professional philosophy and approach to your job?

“I have a passion for great customer service and love to work on projects that demand creative and analytical thinking. I pride myself on the fact that I deliver on time, and I believe integrity is non-negotiable. I like my job to be a challenge so that I can grow. Complacency is never an option.”

Can you briefly summarise your professional philosophy/approach to your position?

“My philosophy towards my work and career is based on solid leadership. I believe it’s my job to inspire my staff, provide them with guidance and lead by example. Only then can we reach our goals together.”

How would you describe your management style?

“I believe my management style leans more towards a collaborative approach combined with a strong coaching element. I focus on long-term growth that allows the team to problem-solve independently so they can dictate their growth trajectory.
“I give everyone the space to do it themselves. Our unique environment gives staff a big say in how things are run, leading to higher employee engagement and a more motivated team.”

What values are important to you in the work environment?

“Integrity, respect and fairness are paramount.”

Is there a quote or credo that you live by?

‘Respect begins with this attitude: I acknowledge that you are a creature of extreme worth.’

Gary Chapman

“I believe you should treat everyone equally, irrespective of their position.”

Are there any relevant areas of interest or operational adjustments you would like to make in the future? What are your primary goals?

“I believe I am where I need to be in terms of my career. One area of interest is the digital space as the world is moving in that direction. My primary goal is to put Empact Group on the map and create widespread awareness so that more people know what Empact Group has to offer.”

The Empact name echoes its core principles – empathy and impact, working in unison for the greater good. Get in touch to find out more about how Empact can help you.

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