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August 18, 2022

The BWASA (Business Women’s Association of South Africa) Women in Leadership Census 2021 found that, of the companies surveyed, only 27.7%
of directors and 29.4% of executive managers were women. Yet, women in leadership positions statistically outperform men in many areas.

The Empact Group is proud of its Level 1 BBBEE status and is committed to empowering women in every aspect of the business. In celebration of Women’s Month, we get to know some incredible leading ladies who empower our company, making us the purpose-led organisation we are today.

Sphiwe Mayinga – Chief People Officer

Sphiwe believes there is more to people management than just doing it by the numbers. Human Resources professionals are the trusted protectors of the company’s greatest assets – the people that give the organisation its true purpose. “None of us is just here to perform a designated function,” says Sphiwe. “I am here to make a difference and to impact the lives in our world positively. A career is a platform to live out our purposes in life and, hopefully, leave a legacy.”

Lara Barlow – HSE Director

Lara is the custodian of the Group’s Health, Safety and Environment policy – a role she takes to heart every day. “When we know we have made an impact,” says Lara, “we are driven to excel. We need to make everyone at every level in the organisation aware of their value and impact. Shared impact inspires drive and the desire to achieve more extraordinary things.”

Salwa Albertyn – GM Payroll

Salwa’s philosophy is to lead by example – to encourage, challenge and motivate. She firmly believes in creating a peaceful and happy environment for her team, with extra care regarding work-life balance. Salwa says it brings her great joy to see team members become better versions of themselves.

Says Salwa, “I never underestimate the number of people we need to pay every month. And I know what it means for employees to receive their salaries on time. It greatly impacts an employee’s life if they don’t receive their salaries timeously.”

Sarika Sujan – Infection Prevention & Control Specialist

With a strong background working in the hospital and healthcare industry, Sarika is always on-hand to ensure a “safety net” for anyone the Empact Group touches, both internally and externally. Sarika breaks her leadership philosophy down into an impactful acronym:

L – Lead by example

E – Embody integrity

A – An attitude of ongoing learning that is purpose-focused must always be fostered

D – Develop a blueprint of trust, loyalty and effective communication

E – Empathy matters

R – Relationships rule

Sarika says, “Globally, we live in a dynamic state. Constant change impacts people physically, emotionally and mentally, which further impacts their work. This is why we need to foster an ongoing empowerment experience for people, so they are equipped with knowledge that influences their skills and behaviour.”

Regina Mokanyane – Tea Lady

Regina is responsible for seeing that her colleagues and visitors to Empact headquarters always feel welcome and refreshed. She is the friendly face that works behind the scenes, taking positivity with her every step of the way.

Regina says, “I love working at Empact because of the people. They are happy, friendly and hardworking. I love my job and the people I work with. It feels like they are my family. I am treated with respect every day. The best part of my day is making tea for Mr Quinn. He is an amazing boss, and he treats everyone the same. I love seeing his smile every day.”


Zukiswa Quagraine – GM for Operations

Zukiswa remembers a poignant quote from Rosalynn Carter, who said:

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be.”

She explains, “This is my leadership philosophy – to get the best out of people. We are all different and have many skills and attributes that we bring to our teams. Authentic leadership is the ability to bring out the best in people through coaching, understanding and mentorship.

“Empowering people means harnessing their strengths and skills and giving them a safe space to learn, grow and improve. I harness their strengths and skills, aiming to stretch the focus onto solving tomorrow’s problems today by adopting a forward-thinking mindset.”

The leading ladies at Empact work daily to serve as an example to their peers, customers and teams. We celebrate their valuable contributions in Women’s Month and every day. Thank you all for empowering our organisation to keep moving ahead.

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