Empact Group Leadership Team – Lara Barlow – HSE Director

September 6, 2022

As HSE Director, Lara is committed to living by – and delivering – on her responsibilities as the custodian of the Empact Group’s well-being. She is driven by the idea that safety is a human right and maintains that it is the organisation’s responsibility to nurture trust in the fact that this right will always be respected when it comes to safety at work.

In her own words, “In the workplace, people are often reminded not to take things personally. But safety should absolutely be taken personally. Everyone comes to work secure in the belief they will go home safely to their families, loved ones, homes and lives outside work. It is our responsibility to ensure that our employees are aware of the risks and that the business has implemented the necessary controls to mitigate those risks and safeguard our employees.

“Safety is an inalienable right that should be afforded to everyone, whether it be the right to a safe working environment or the right to eat food that is safe and does represent a risk to health. As an organisation it is our responsibility to uphold this right and put the safety of our employees and those we serve at heart of what we do.

“I see my role as the organizational conscience, reminding my colleagues that we cannot be complacent and that sometimes we need to go beyond our comfort zone to uphold the value of safety.

Our ethos of being a people-centred business extends beyond just the safety of our employees, to include their families and the communities from which they come.

“Our HSE practices are world-class, and we drive our core principles by entrenching care in every staff member. It has been my intention from the outset, to create a culture of safety rather than a culture of compliance. If we allow individuals to take personal accountability for their safety, they will contribute to the creation of a safe place to work. As a leadership team, we are proud of our inclusive and collaborative culture at Empact, which allows us to do our job so you can do yours better.”

Lara’s driving principle is to make a meaningful impact by fostering safe, sustainable practices, which enable a better future for every person touched by the Empact Group. She concludes:
“Health and Safety is more than just work. It provides a purpose that inspires me to come to work every day – to build a culture of caring beyond compliance. If we keep doing right by our people, we are confident they will do right by our company and all the people they interact with, inside and outside Empact.”

The Empact name echoes its core principles – empathy and impact, working in unison for the greater good. Get in touch to find out more about how Empact can help you.

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